Thank Grimm It's Burlesque is a tribute to and celebration of the Grimm TV series, which is very, very loosely based on the fairy tales.  Acts must clearly relate to the TV series, so start binge watching if you're not current and check the Wiki pages!  Bonus for tying The Rose City into your weirdness!

We welcome experienced performers of all types including circus, Burlesque, side show, magic, belly dance, flow arts and other strange and interesting acts that float our boat. Venue is not equipped for aerial, fire or pole acts. Please use the form below to tell us about your act! 

These characters have been claimed: Damonfeuer, The Grimm (Nick), Mellifer, Naiad, Lycanthrop, Seelengut, Musai.

If selected, you will be expected to promptly send a promo photo, and to assist in promoting the show by posting on your social media accounts, inviting friends via Facebook and whatever other means you use, and by distributing posters and flyers.  You will receive a Door Bonus once we clear a certain amount, related to your promotional efforts.

Prior to the show, Eva will host an optional workshopping session in her home studio so we can support each other in building even more fabulous acts.

Compensation is share of the door, +1 Guest, Green Room Hospitality, Video and Professional Photos.

Submission Deadline: July 15
Show: Friday, September 23
Call Time: 8pm
Show Time: 9-11pm-ish
Crush Bar
1400 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR


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Legal Name
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Name of Song works too.
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Please tell us briefly about the content of your act or the idea you'd like to develop. Liquid spills must be contained over something, faux fur backed with trash bags works really well!
Sound Cue
If you know it, the music starts when you are . . .
Please submit a video representative of your style if this isn't an established act. If you've appeared in a previous Cabaret de Caliente show, lucky you, we already have a video of you so you can skip this!
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Something our MC can use: Favorite horror story/movie? Why do you love Grimm? What is your favorite creepy spot in Portland?